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05-18-2011, 08:38 PM
After months of the horses being corralled in hibernation, it is finally time to unleash them and allow them to run free and wild again. Gone is the ice and snow that occurs in the Northern States. For the horses living in Southern areas, itís not an awakening, but a joining of all their fellow stallions in one gathering place. The horses are returning to the land known for their fellow race horses.

Their owners have spent those winter months planning and scheming to find ways of making their horses named Donzi run faster or look better than the previous year. Theyíve packed every known possible item they have just in case the horses have an issue. Coolers are full of refreshments awaiting ice. Suitcases packed with summer clothing and just in case, some cooler weather items too. Bank accounts have been emptied in preparation for bringing some wonderful memorabilia back home to not only remember the gathering, but to remind you next winter why you have to return the following year.

The tow vehicle that has the job of getting these prized horses to their meeting grounds is ready and willing to get an early start.

As we arrive at the gathering sight, the horses begin to rumble and quiver with anticipation as they hear others coming to life. Their owners amazed and caught up in the "Have To See That" that occurs every year. Shaking hands, sharing hugs and getting to know new attendees. Taking what seems like ages to see the beauty of each Donzi in attendance along with all the other invited guest willing to run with the Donzi stallions. It has become a tradition for those who have attended in the past and canít stay away every year. The friends that have been made are cherished family who share a love for Donzi. The horses are tied to stables which will be their home for the next couple of days. For those of us unable to attend, it is a fantastic sight to see all that beauty in one place through the marina camera. http://lakecumberland.com/duocamz.html

As in years past, sometimes part of our beloved family has been chosen to join their maker. While no longer with us, they are with us in spirit and we know looking down on us to keep us all safe. It is in their memory that we hold a moment of silence before bringing our horses to life. They are missed and will always be a part of our hearts.

In closing, I wish everyone attending the Awakening of the Horses gathering this year a wonderful, safe trip both to the gathering and on the lake. To the many friends I had the pleasure of meeting through my participation with my Donzi pride and joy over the years, I send you all my best wishes including a hand-shake, hug or warm hello. I miss you all!


05-18-2011, 10:15 PM
Happy to hear from you Scott! Don't be such a stranger man...


05-19-2011, 06:31 PM
Just arrived. Ahhhhh....the sweet taste of rum and the sweet sound of many Donzis.