View Full Version : Internet out at Jamestown Marina

05-18-2011, 12:47 PM
Internet has been down at the Jamestown Marina for several days apparently, due to a storm.

If you are in the lodge (or whatever they call it) looking down over the central pier, you *may* be able to get on a wireless internet called "State Dock." You have to go out on your balcony to get any signal at all, at least from the first floor. I've been able to get on it briefly, with mixed results at best.

But for reliable communication, phones are better, at least for now.

Not sure who's here yet besides Steve. Saw his boat when I pulled in late last night.

I'm in 108. (It may be a little difficult for folks to find each other for a while, with the net out, without knowing room #s to call or whatever.)