View Full Version : 27ZR Electrical Question

05-11-2011, 12:04 PM
Have a problem, and thought someone might have some thoughts for me. After pulling the batteries out for the winter, and put them back in last night. Pretty straight forward process, obviously. I have the breaker system under the rear seat - 3 main breakers (port battery, starboard battery, parallel) and an ignition key. Basically, the process is to turn those breakers on, turn the ignition switch on, then on the dash flip the ignition toggle, and the Sea Fire system activates. Then hit the starter toggle and fire up the engine.

Well, I'm not getting the Sea Fire system to activate, and nothing happens when I hit the starter toggle. I have various electrical power to the blower, lights, etc., but have no power to the trims tabs, the radio, or the ignition. Also, the trim button on the Livorsi throttle moves the drive up but not down. Finally, one of the drive toggles on the dash moves the drive down, but not up, and the other toggle moves it up but not down.

It would seem to me that maybe one battery is bad (although I just charged them to 100%), or I have a bad connection to the battery. I'm going to check those in the next few days.

But I was wondering if anyone had any different thoughts. I checked all the fuses - non were tripped.

Has to be something simple, I think.

05-11-2011, 07:56 PM
Check the main engine ground wire at both ends, some part of your engine circuit is not making good contact. Engine electric and boat electric are two different circuits, many times all your dash switches will work just fine even though the engine electric is not. Try a jumper cable from the battery negative to ground on the block the block, you could have a cable going bad or just a cruddy connection.