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03-26-2011, 06:48 PM
Anybody know hot to wire the small K PLANES? The ones with the pump built on the tabs themselvs. If I put a wire on the posts they go up and down by switching the positive and negative. Now how do I wire them to a switch? Will the 12 volts direct from the battery burn out the switch? Or will I need to wire them to solinoids? I think they are model 110S. They are much smaller than the standard models and they do not make them anymore. I have found very little information on these tabs.
Please help me out.

joseph m. hahnl
03-26-2011, 08:01 PM
I believe all you need is (2) dbl pole/dbl throw rocker switches. If you buy the Bennett ones, they come with all of the hard wire circuiting on the back of the switch's. Run all four wires plus a Hot and a ground up to the switches. The dbl throw is what reverses the polarity. All you need to do is follow the Bennett wiring sequence and it should work. Basically you run a hot and a ground to the switch. Then hitch each set of tab wires on same switch one on top one on the bottom repeat for other side . I have my tabs connected through (4/5) Hot plates and (1) ground plate on my steering hub. The (4) plates allows me to have my rockers on my steering wheel.The (5) plate is for my horn button which is built into my Donzi logo on my steering wheel pad.

You may also may want to Circuit protect the hot wire with an inline fuse. Use wire for 30 amps

http://www.bennetttrimtabs.com/images/prodImg/Waterproof%20Rocker%20Switch,%20LS3000.jpg (http://www.bennetttrimtabs.com/images/prodImg/Waterproof%20Rocker%20Switch,%20LS3000.jpg)

03-26-2011, 08:12 PM
Wiring these should not be much of an issue.

You basically need a twin pair of momentary double pole/double throw switches~~~for each tab motor
A pair of Double Pole/ Double throw switches with a spring loaded center OFF position.

One side for Tabs UP
The other side for Tabs DOWN

~~~ Double Pole/ Double Throw = Basically two seperate switches in one unt controlled by a single control

Each tab side would have it's own dual UP & Down switch !

The idea here is to switch BOTH of you pump motor's twin wires & thus it's polarity ! + or -

You need to be able to switch both wires to +positive & / OR
- Negative.

By using the double pole/double throw swich with a center off position you can easily swith + or- polarity of the pump motor to change & reverse it's pump direction.

12 Volt Relays & push button type switches will work well also !
But this would be much more complicated for the average do-it-yourself mechanic.

These tab pumps are wired & work much like the power widow motors on many cars & trucks.

Be sure to fuse both sides of the pump motor's circuit with the proper size fuses !

Call me for more in-depth wiring ideas !

I had these EXACT "K-Tabs" on my old Formula 27 !
They work very well and were very expensive when I bougt them new in the late 1970s !
I never had any issues with them & they are still working today for the boat's new owner~~~30+years later.
I always regret ever selling my old Formula 27 !

If I were you I would change-out the old hydraulic fluid for new fluid as the additives used to keep the seals & O-Rings soft will not be present any longer in the old fluid.
Use a good quality Dexron III auto transmission fluid~~~
The fluid for High Mile auto transmissions (Max-Life) has more of the proper additives in it for proper old seal & O-ring re-conditioning !
Snow-Plow Hydraulic pump fluid (Meyer or Western snow-plows) or good Hydraulic jack fluid will also work !

The Bennett switches are fine for this application~~~
They are not fancy~~~
They are Not heavy duty & are very basic units~~~

BUT ~~~
There are many more better + higher qualty & heavy duty race-style trim tab switch units out there !

Several performance marine supply houses sell several universal Heavy Duty Trim Tab pump switches for this type of tab set-up !
Several of these race-quality switches are dash panel or steering wheel mounted.

You will LOVE these very High-Quality "K-Tabs" !