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03-19-2011, 12:49 PM
I'm new. I have a 1999 Z235 Sport Deck ("Quick Whale"). I have been told by Chuck at Donzi that they really don't have much (if any) info on this boat. I was looking for center of gravity info for my boat lift, he said it is probably just behind the drivers seat post.
I understand the boat had a fairly limited production run.
Chuck did say that he believes the boat was "overbuilt". This is a good thing, and I agree with him.
Is there a Z235 Sport Deck faction within this registry? I'm trying to gather any info on this boat for my files/maint.
Looking forward to talking to fellow "Quick Whale" folks! Thanks, Tahzen

03-19-2011, 02:47 PM
I have a 1998. I really like it too. I do not know the center of gravity on the boat, but maybe I could answer some of your questions.

I had a 383 stroker, approximately 450 HP, motor put in it, and I plan to take it out tomorrow for my first test run, and try a couple of props.

I am down here in Homestead. Where are you?


03-19-2011, 04:05 PM
Steve, What a coincidence! I'm the guy that talked to you in Homestead the other day! Among other things, I wanted to let you know about my cup holder issue. I found that the factory cup holders were dumping rainwater in areas that were harmfull. Such as, directly over my trim pump hydraulic motor in the port rear area. If you want to look into them you can get them direct from Beckson Marine Inc. in CT 203-333-1412. The #GH43DW3 is the Polypro version of the holder with a built in nipple on the underside for attaching some plastic tubing to route the water where you want it! They cost me about $4.25 each. I got five of them. The other areas were not an issue, just in the back. The large compartment back there was also getting alot of the rain water with no real drainage of the compartment that I could see.
I am trying to locate any paperwork on the boat. Manuals, etc.
Is yours a 23 or a 28?
I left a note on your truck windshield with my contact info. Did you get it? Thanks, John (Tahzen)

06-02-2011, 10:08 PM