View Full Version : Amsoil SVG Severe Lube Water Tolerance?

03-17-2011, 12:20 PM
Merc states their drive lubes will still work if contaminated by some water like up to ~10% as does Amsoil for their AGM Marine lube. I once had an old outboard that before I repaired it had a persistant water entrance problem from a damaged water pump sealing surface at the drive shaft that confirmed this capability for the Merc lube.

I have been using Redline Shock Proof Gear Lube (Heavy) since 2006 on a new Bravo X1. At that time Redline application chart recommended it for drives. That chart is now gone and Redline currently says not to use this in drives. A post on a diffferent site reported catistrophic drive failure with the Redline lube do to water contamination.

My Redline lube last season tested with 0.5% water vs lab recommendation of <0.1%. and the lube did not look abnormal and the drive had just been rebuilt (do to excessive torque breaking a gear not water in the lube). It is easy enough to get some fishing line wrapped around the propshaft and cut a seal.

The Amsoil SVG appears to be the lube of choice to protect the gears in high hp Brave drives. Does anyone have first hand experience of running a drive with the Amsoil SVG that became contaminated with water?

Just trying to make an informed choice. Thanks for any input on the Amsoil SVG lube vs water.

03-20-2011, 11:19 AM