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02-14-2011, 10:16 PM
My shifter is really stiff and doesnt engage my Bravo I smoothly. I've done a good amount of research and am pretty sure it's my shift cable. If I understand it correctly theres a cable that runs from the shifter near the helm to a "remote control" mounted on the engine. Then another cable runs from the "remote control" through the transom, shift cable bellows, and into the drive. I've got a Merc manual and it's pretty clear on how to replace and adjust the upper part of the shift cable to the "remote control". But I can't find anything about how to remove the cable from the drive, or how to install the new cable. Is anybody familiar with how to do this?

02-15-2011, 12:05 AM
yes.. make sure you get the new merc style cable..to remove you need to pull the drive,once the drive is off shift the cable into forward and reverse to see if it shifts smoothly..If it dont the it will need to be replaced..remove the shift cable from the shift mechanism on the riser,once remover you will see 2 tiny square headed type bolts that squeeze the side of the inner cable (that go through the black plastic outer shell that attaches to the shift mechanism)

once those tiny bolts are removed go to the back of the boat and pull the center part of the cable out..NOW lift the helmet up that the drive attaches to,you will see the shift bellow,the side towards the boat has a hose clamp on it and the side towards the helmet has a squeeze clamp on it..you will need to remove those clamps..now look at the outer casing that the cable slides into,it slides through the helmet,take a 1/2'' socket and unscrew the outer nut from the helmet..go back into the boat and remove the adjustment rod that screws into the end of the cable,go back to the outside of the boat and pull the outer forward towards the transom then pull caseing out..

when reinstalling fish the outer casing into the transom but dont forget the new shift bellow..i usually install the shift bellow first and clamp it to the transom,you will also need to put some bellow adhesive on the inner big side of the shift bellow first before clamping it to the transom..after that's all done and the cable casing is in the boat install the nut and tighten it.when that is done you will need to install the squeeze clamp of the bellow.

when installing the center shift cable i put merc's 101 on the cable and slide it through..merc has a what they call a special tool,all it is,is a 1/4'' x 1 1/2'' x 8'' piece of flat stock metal with a slot cut half way through the end of it..anyways you could make one,after the cable is installed slide this special between the end of the cable that is still sticking out and the face of the helmet were the drive bolts to..go back into the boat and screw the adjustment rod back into the cable casing..you will need a second person to hold the shift cable in place while your working in the boat.install the shell that the tiny bolts go through but make sure the inner cable bottoms out in it and tighten the tiny bolts.

now follow your manual on how to adjust your shift cable,,

02-15-2011, 07:56 AM
Or, you can invest $25.00 in a Merc Manual and have a fully illustrated explanation of all the service questions you may ask.
Mike's explanation is good, but w/the manual, you can add pictures.
Everyone should have a manual for their boat. You might even be able to answer a question for someone else?
For the price of dinner, all your questions can be answered.
Any Merc dealer, boat store, Worst Marine, etc. carry them.