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02-13-2011, 06:07 PM
I purchased a 22 pBravo prop a while back and LOVED IT...Busted it!!! I hit a log this past summer and trashed the prop. I'm looking for a replacement and I'm wondering about the Revolution prop. 454- Donzi 26zx- The hole shot I got from the Bravo II was awesome, popped right up. I later switched to a Mirage plus 23p and I picked up another 3-4 mph but it was at the expense of hole shot. Anyone have experience with the Revolution?

DonZi 26
02-14-2011, 06:50 AM
i have an exact same boat....mine had the same setup with a 454 mag....then i upgraded the engine to a 502ci......still with this setup the boat was a little too slow for a DONZI......infact i will be installing a 555ci 600hp engine to wake it up!!!

In regards to props, due to the high X-dimension of the 26zx 3 blades do not work well, both when it comes to hole shot even in handling in some rough stuff, and having such a good hull in rough water and not utilizing its abilities is not a good idea:nilly:

i had spoken to Bratt at BBlades, Julie @ throttle up, Donzi marine themselves, Chuck @ Mercury Racing....and spoke to everyone on the net....Everyone suggested BRAVO 1 24p

Tried several props from mirage 23p and 25p tried the hydromotive 24p and a 26p labbed....

i called it a day and bought a Bravo 1 24p.....all of the other props were crap, the boat could not get on plane, when trimming it used to slip big time and so on.....

put the bravo 1 24p and the story changed.....hole shot was awesome, handling in rough water was great and i was a happy man....to be honest, top speed was 64mph on gps.....the most that i had seen was with the mirage 23p 65mph.....but i wasnt ready to sacrifice the boat's abilities for 1mph......top rpm was about 4900 still not max!!

all in all i would go for the bravo 1 again....if you were good with it stick to it.....i wouldnt experiment with any other prop unless you can borrow them!!

hope this helps, need any other advice just let us know, im sure all of us on the registry would be happy to help......and if you havent had the boat for long you're gonna love it its amazing! in rough water this boat rocks!!!

02-14-2011, 08:25 AM
Never ran the Rev 4 on the 26.. But I have run it on a few others. They do sometimes run well. It is kind of like a blend of a Mirage + and B1.. The 26' I ran needed a prop that was much larger than what was offered in the R4 lineup. The others I ran responded well already with the B1 on the single drive... I will say it is worth a try tho, I always wanted to try running a R4 on that model. I think it may have worked well on some of them.. I think the largest pitch that they make tho is 25p.. ;) Jamie / Lakeside

DonZi 26
02-14-2011, 09:57 AM
A Rev 4 prop is more of an outboard prop imo....but if you have means of trying it, its always worth giving it a try as you dont know how the boat may respond...i think its too risky buying it without knowing how the boat will respond unless you've got cash to burn.....

02-14-2011, 07:46 PM
Yes the rev 4 is more of a outboard off shore prop. May i recomend a stilletto bay pro 11...not a 1 4 or bass prop. That prop absolutey shines on I/O's It has a high rake and agressive cupping that provides a tremendous overall lift. Less wetted surface always means speed...It will pull like a tractor in midrange and give the boat a very nice overall improvent is smoothness..very noticeable.

I dont post much here but this prop has shined for years in this area i would be dumb founded if you were not satisfied with its results...deep v's really do well with it


I have used it on a 20' 3200lb 20degree hull...210hp 4.3...1.66 gearing 54 mph gps heres a pic of the lift @ wot...that hull imprint you see is less than 24" wide....the boats beam is 8'....Thats how well it lifts both bow and stern and yes the slip factor is correct