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ralph crocker
02-04-2011, 02:01 PM
Would like more info and history. Like what years made? Why stopped? Are they 502? Are they considered collector items or freaks? What are the drawbacks, if any. Please give me a phone number if you have info or call me at 248-666-4250. Thanks much

02-04-2011, 03:06 PM
Ralph do a search with blackhawk on this site lots of info, however nothing like talking to a owner of one...PM either Gero or Glashole they will be able to give you the low down.....

They are a serious drivers boat you got to know what your doing with these boats if ya dont you will find God real quick....good luck....

Have seen Gero run his blackhawk many times and he really knows how to drive one of these beasts IMO, so PM him first he will give it to you straight no doubt.

Have Fun,


02-05-2011, 09:09 AM
Ed (Undertaker), is right about it being a little bit of a different driving experience.

I know we talked briefly about the BH drives in one of out chats, but we had so many.. There was soooo much we had talked about it would be easy enough to have maybe missed some stuff on either end about that unit.

So, some of the tid bits are.......

They were only made for a few years. They were fast on some hulls, however they also have a tenancy to push you rather quick at an idle. Propping them can also be a bit of a chore.

They use twin counter rotating props, the drive is itself is almost like a surface drive. Some boats responded well to them, others did not. That was one of the reasons Merc pulled the plug.

They use some of the same internals as the standard bravo 1 & bravo 3 and the rest is just black hawk series. Not all the parts are readily available now should something break in one. Those are some of the basics.. :)

An Imco shorty will give you some similar results without some of the hassle of parts availability and having to deal with a twin prop set up.

Merc also made their own version of the Imco shorty for a while called the B1 Xr sportmaster series. I just got the last one out of Merc that they had left this past fall a Cigarette I am redoing.. That model is also currently no longer offered now from Merc. From what my rep has told me it is due to the popularity of thier new drive models (like the NXT) in larger go fast hulls and many of the manufactures of go-fasts that are going with higher & higher x dimensions on newer style hulls. I guess they felt there is no need for them to offer it for now. :bonk:

Also attached below is a info/pic on the BH unit when offered by Merc.. Hope it helps.. :)

Jamie / Lakeside :)

02-05-2011, 09:39 AM
There was a big spred on the bh on this sit not too long a go by me asking the the same Q you are looking for.I just purchased one this winter and will be putting it on in the spring.It's going on a 18' donzi with 383 400hp.I talked to a lot of great people on the site.pm me if you have any Q.thanks craig.