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01-31-2011, 08:12 AM
700 Remington Mountain Rifle I bought new in 1998 From W. Johnson Service in Adrian, Michigan. Originally chambered for 25-06 Rem. Re-barreled with a Shilen Sporting Contour match grade barrel, 22 inches long, in 2000, again by W Johnson Service. At time of re-barrel the action face was trued to bolt raceway and the bolt lugs were lapped. Has a recessed target crown. Now chambered for 280 Remington. Action is glass bedded into the stock with Brownell's Acraglas Gel. Comes with the stock trigger or if you prefer I can swap it for a 2009 X-Mark Pro trigger assy. It's also a detachable magazine model. This gun is capable of 1/2 MOA accuracy with tailored handloads without much issue. I have a couple of different load variations that work well with this gun and all data goes with it. Comes with Leupold 1 piece base and 1" medium height rings. Stock shows some dings and scratches from normal hunting use.

$700 + Shipping. Add $20 if your FFL requires me to ship from an FFL. If you live outside of Michigan I must ship to an FFL holder - no exceptions.






02-02-2011, 12:03 PM
Since you seem to really know guns, I have a question. I just bought a used 300 Weatherby Magnum Mark V deluxe. I have read that the recoil is fairly high so I was thinking about either a muzzle brake or a recoil insert that is drilled into the stock. The recoil insert uses liquid mercury to help reduce the recoil inertia. What do you think is the better add on? I also heard that the muzzle brake makes a tremendously louder shot. Any comments? Thanks and good luck with your sale. Bill

10-18-2011, 12:13 PM
Is your Remington Mountain Rifle .280 Remington still for sale?