View Full Version : Xpost my boat is for sale :(

Moody Blu'
12-14-2010, 12:14 AM

figured I would cross post it here, if someone wants a great project with a real classic rare donzi, here it is, and I have all the essential parts to boot.

I will miss her

Moody Blu'
12-14-2010, 10:23 PM
I know some of you may be pissed because i never finished the project and havent havent met all of you. I kicked and screamed for a couple years here that i needed help to do the deck project. its not something I can do on my own like i did with everything else that had to do with this boat. It sucks to sell it ive owned it since i was 14 years old im 35 now. This boat ran so good and strong it was my baby. I was so proud of her. it turned heads everywhere. I brought this boat back from the dead and a bad gas tank put it back to sleep. Someone please revive it.

7k takes it

look t it this way.

headers cost they are custom one off 2k
interior cost 2k
gas tank was 1500
engine mods 2k
gauges were 1k
trailer was 2k

spare 275 trim/tilt drive, 800 (got a great deal thanks to MOP)

this boat just need the deck off project and a little tlc and it will run like a champ for years to come, I hate to sell i tbut i have to do what i have to do