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11-23-2010, 10:03 PM
My neighbor has a Sportcraft with a 4.3, he was over shooting the bull earlier and said he was winterizing it today. He came back over later in a mild panic, he said he was fogging it out and it locked up. I asked how he was doing it and was told he was slowly pouring a 50/50 mix of Mystery oil and 30wt, as I walked over to his house I had the answer but did not say anything. I told him to pull the plugs we spun it over and blew out a good sized mess! I hope he did not bend a rod though it seemed Ok when we re fired it, I went back to my place and got a squirt oil can and we re fogged it. Never pour or even spray to much fogging oil into and engine! The BS about keep spraying or pouring until it stop id down right dangerous for you engine. The best way tried and proven over many years by me, once started and running at 1,200 RPM use a jumper wire to run power to the coil from the battery then turn off the ignition switch the engine will continue to run. Start fogging keeping an eye on the exhaust, once you see it oil smoking that is enough unhook the jumper to kill the engine. There is no need to drown the engine in oil all you need is a thin coating to get you through the layup. Another word of caution, Mystery oil by itself is a poor fogging oil yes it smokes like crazy, real fogging oil is formulated to cling. Mystery oil is a few steps above penetrating oil, it is thin drains away and leaves little to no protection behind. I use it regularly even in my fuel, it is a great top end lubricant. Added to your oil it frees up sticky lifters, it does not free up sticky rings. The first part of this is important the rest is just good info.

11-28-2010, 03:21 PM
i always worried now i see someone answered how to do it easy.
i always pulled each plug and put a little fog in each and cranked it over.
then a 2 to 4 second lite spray down the carb. was this method ok.