View Full Version : Fuel Sender for the 16's

10-20-2010, 08:35 AM
As many of you know, I did some work on a custom sender for a lot of Classics. It works mostly on 18's and 22's.

Well another member just purchased a 16 from the mid 90's and wants a centroid sender for it. Reason is to get rid of the mechanical float sender.

So I looked over the drawings I had and got the one from his boat. Both drawings are from RDS (formerly AFP) and are from the 90's. They are a 30g and a 32g. Well, these tanks are not like the 18's and 22's in they almost all rectangular. IOW, they have very little taper to them. This means they can use a regular, unprogrammed, centroid sender and be highly accurate throughout the range of the gauge. These tanks don't empty quickly on the lower half of the tank.

Anyways, I am gauging interest in a plain sender for the 16's with the 30 and 32 gallon tanks. They are also 7" deep tanks. I don't know all the years. My guess is late 80's through today.

I am calling to get a price sometime today, but they will be a lot cheaper than the programmed ones as there is no engineering involved.

I will post the $$ when I know more.


10-21-2010, 03:19 PM
Got a price on these. $55 for the sender + $2 for ss screws, and $10 for shipping. These will be pre-cut to to 6-3/4" for the 7" tank.


PS. I have a few of the Tidbart1 programmed senders on hand.