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Nice score Phil! Did you get all 4?

Frank :cool:

09-21-2010, 11:10 PM
Nice! I bet those suckers are loud!

09-22-2010, 10:13 PM
Just two! Transom exhaust was stock on the Tempest 22/s, I have Gil headers with their aluminum risers. These have a lower rise and may be just a tad shorter, but will be going on with Turbulators. For those of you that do not know what turbulators, check the diagram below. Not my headers but you will get the idea, they seem to have no + or - as to performance. They from my research help combat reversion and they catch the moisture that forms as the risers cool when you shut down.

09-22-2010, 10:34 PM
per gil

What is an Exhaust Turbulator?

Because marine exhaust systems typically exit the engine upward, against gravity, water in the exhaust pipe can fall back into the engine. This can warp the exhaust valves, freeze the piston rings, and generally corrode and reduce the life of the engine. Minor occurrences happen each time the engine is turned off! The severity of these occurrences depends on:

How cold the exhaust pipe is.
Cam Overlap.
Time at idle speed.
How long since the engine has been run; soak time.
This phenomenon, known as "a product of combustion", is believed to be a major cause of marine gasoline engine wear causing premature mortality. This effect has always been present but has been accentuated recently by the more common use of high overlap cams


Normally, at idle and slow speeds, water condensation, which forms on the cooled exhaust pipe surface, can run by the force of gravity back into the engine through the exhaust valves. Indeed, water droplets have been observed traveling upstream at the wall, especially with engines having high overlap cams.

The GIL EXHAUST TURBULATOR causes the water to be re-entrained in the exhaust flow in two ways: First, a turbulence is caused at the wall which scrubs the water off of the wall back into the mainstream; Second, any water which reaches the hot ring will flash to steam since the ring is at elevated temperature from the impinging exhaust gases.

The GIL EXHAUST TURBULATOR does not cause any loss of power since it is located at the quarter wave length from the exhaust valve; in fact, the ring causes a sharper reflection due to its sharp edged orifice configuration.

The GIL EXHAUST TURBULATOR is constructed of stainless steel ensuring long life and proper heating due to low thermal conductivity.