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07-27-2010, 12:50 AM
It looks like i might have found a home!

I do NOT own a DONZI, congrats to those that do!

I just bought my first boat, it is a 1995 Four Winns 240. Powertrain is a 454 with a holley so i THINK it's a 300HP model. Attached to the transom is a OMC King Cobra with the humpback/Cone Clutch.

I have NOT had the boat on the water yet... I can't wait but I work around the world in the oilfield and time is something i rarely have... I ain't complaining, she's been as good to me as i've been to her! (the oilfield)

So I've been researching, seems like everywhere you go if you say you own a Cone King they just start explaining how they would hate to be you, that you need to repower before the unavailability of KC part throws the world off it's axis and tosses earth into another ice age... We all remember thats the reason the first one started...

So! I think that this drive is the bee knee's, I have FELT the backlash through the screw and it feels good... Shifting from forward to reverse is super smooth. It also makes my buddies Bravo 3 look like a paper weight.

The last time i started it i popped the hood after the engine had been running for a few minutes and i couldn't FEEL any hot water in the water hoses off the engine water pump. Not ever owning a boat i didn't know what to expect. So i pulled the pump housing. The impeller was smoked and the insert had twisted and buried itself in the lower portion of the housing, putting a hole in the housing... When i was in Trinidad before coming home i had already bought the pump overhaul kit for 120$. After seeing the damage i bought a new impeller, as i was thinking of keeping the old one as a spare (all prior to pulling), and another housing. So TODAY i get the housing which to my delight was only 30 bucks, witch is silly cause i bought the kit 1 week earlier from Doug Russell witch was the best price.

I drained all 102 OZ and refillied the enormous case with a bit of 3 bottles of 75W-90 Royal purple. For the engine i was trying to find straight 40W, somewhere i read that 40W in Texas was the best... Well i ended up with 10w-40 high mileage... the boat has 600 hours i figured what the hell. But when i opened the fill cap i swear you could eat off the top of the heads on this engine!!! CLEAN. Should i go with a Synthetic 20w-50/10w-40 or go with a conventional oil? What weight? I also added some engine restore, can't hurt, and back in the day it use to help me. The engine was smoking a bit but i later saw that was the water steaming...

So many questions... I'm a bit drunk! I don't get many chaces so i take'em when i get'em! :D

I also put in some stabil for the full tank of fuel.

SO!!! I want to install a Edelbrock intake and a 750 Edelbrock carb. Is there a special intake we need or will any intake for a 454 work? I will be switching to a mallory ignition..

I have installed a Clarion stereo! and a windshield off a 91 VIP as my boat was void of windshield.....

Hope y'all enjoy the post! I'm gonna enjoy this sight! I got all the boat 5G's would get me and a DONZI wern't in it! :)

KC 4Life!

Why do boat people call them Props/propellers when they are screws? Screws = boats/ships. Props = a Friggin airplane people get it together!

Jay, EX-NAVY EN wavin a hand!
http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs247.snc4/39682_147172505296087_100000100158797_476886_47193 59_n.jpg

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs248.snc4/39749_147237448622926_100000100158797_477299_69860 51_n.jpg

07-27-2010, 01:37 AM
Lay off the booze, and I paid 5k for my DONZI with that same drive.

EDIT: With 130hrs

07-27-2010, 02:36 AM
Lay off the booze, and I paid 5k for my DONZI with that same drive.

EDIT: With 130hrs

I'm at around 6 for the four winns...... Think i paid to much, but i'm really digging the boat. What oil do you run?

........hey i wasn't that drunk.. then ;) maybe now though!

07-27-2010, 02:56 AM
Too late for regrets now... If my wife didn't want ONLY a bowrider we would be cruising in a 96 Sundancer Searay 7.4 b3 combo.. but noooooo she's got to have a bowrider! :)

07-27-2010, 07:26 AM
Hey Bigike! Nice boat!

I don't like synthetics for boats. I run either Mercruiser 25-40 (suprisingly GREAT oil) or Rotella 15-40 (or straight 40 if hot climate). Change every 50 hrs, BBC's are hard on oil.

That's a good drive, it should last the life of the boat with no problems...

Enjoy! Four Winns builds a quality boat, have a great time with her!:yes:

Jim in Texas