View Full Version : Volvo drive swap question

07-21-2010, 11:14 AM
Hello-I am purchasing Bubblebee's 1971 18. It has a Volvo 270 drive, have located a 290A duoprop with 1.95 gears originally mated to a diesel engine. Can the 290 swap with the 270? Can I just use the lower unit? Thaks for any help.


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07-21-2010, 02:16 PM
the 290 and the 270 use different transom housings, I have changed 200 250 and 270 lowers with each other.

the 200 250 and 270 have a different lower housing than the 280 290 not sure if it is just the casing or if it is different internals as well.

the 290 duo's i have seen have a different upper casing too

the 1.95 ratio seems high to me for a 351w boat. a 1.9 on a single would need atleast a 25 or higher pitch( hard to find props in that range for the single volvos) to keep the rpms down but being a dup prop might make up that pitch not sure

the duo prop would make the boat handle better but not sure you'll find the right set of props to get where you want to be performance wise