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tylogans 22
07-20-2010, 12:05 PM
I recently purchased a 1996 22 classic with a procharged 502, Bravo outdrive, bennet trim tab's and I could use some input from the Donzi experts. I've been driving a 1979 Carleson Glastron with a Chevy 305 for the last 26 years with a top speed of 55-58mph. I understand the concept of trimming the outdrive and the effect this has on lifting the hull out of the water and the effect this has on steering. This is my first experience with trim tabs. I'm learning that this boat is a completely new beast everytime we take it out I have a new experience.
I understand that this boat does not like to take corners under 35mph with the outdrive all the way down, I experienced the severe roll that scared the you know what out of myself and my passengers. So I'm working on taking corners faster with the trim raised up.

My latest issue occurred over the weekend we were going 65, there were waves coming from different directions due to weekend traffic, with the trim raised up and the trim tabs up as well and all of a sudden we were going vertical then rolling from port to starboard very severely. In these types of conditions is it better to have the trim raised up and lower the trim tabs down will this provide stability? Any feedback will be appreciated, my two son's talked me into buying this machine which it has been a thrill of a lifetime I just want to make sure that I don't hurt anyone in the process while learning to drive it. thank's again, Gregg

07-20-2010, 12:33 PM
Congrats on the new boat.....seat time solves these problems

07-20-2010, 06:20 PM
slow it down in rough water till you the ballz to drive it fast in rough water these boats like to get air and like lou said it does take plenty of seat time to master maybe you should do your testing solo for the time being till you get used to this boat good luck mike.

07-20-2010, 11:42 PM
I play with the tabs all the time, keeping the ride as smooth as possible. Tabs up in turns, so you don't "hook a tab" causing a spin-out. Trimming up while turning will keep the nose from pushing outward during the turn, giving the unsettling feeling that you experienced. This is a deep V, so the hull has a tendency to want to roll in turns more than other boats with less of a V shape.

When the water starts to get rough, push the tabs down. This forces the deepest part of the V-shaped hull to slice through the waves. Your air time will be reduced drastically with the use of the tabs.

These are safe boats, as long as the driver is safe. The hull is designed with rough water in mind, and is popular along the east coast and great lakes where the water gets a bit choppy. You dont have to baby the boat, but just don't drive like an idiot. This is a performance boat, but it still has it's limits. As does everything.

Use your brain while driving, practice, and you will grow to love the 22 Classic. There is a reason that this hull design has been around since the early 60s.