View Full Version : RESTORATION HELP NEEDED!!! 89 Donzi Z-22

89 Z22
07-10-2010, 01:04 AM
I just bought a 1989 Donzi Z-22 and am restoring it and need help. I have many questions and would be way thankful for any help.

1.) Think trim rams need o rings installed and same with tabs?
Trim drops and tabs leave oil marks. Any ideas?

2.) Engine hatch connecting rod missing. Otherwise all works.
Any ideas where I can find new or used or make one?

3.) Finish is dull and spotty with dull scuffed spots and white haze.
Any ideas on best products or best or easiest procedures etc?

4.) Sometimes boat idles down and goes slow and sometimes it's to fast through channel and wont idle down. I turn it off and on and is fine. Any ideas on that seems to run real smooth so is strange.

5.) Also boat will kill sometimes at slow speeds and just seems to happen in channels with boats all over!
Could it be when I hit trim it takes to much power and kills motor?

I will try and upload the before pictures now and will have to take new pictures later. Got lots done but more to go. Thanks Fella's!!!