View Full Version : prop. question for 1994 Donzi 16 4.3lx alpha

07-09-2010, 03:32 PM
Hey everyone. I just put the Donzi in the water for the summer (yes..I know I'm a bit behind schedule). I've been meaning to address the prop. situation since I purchased the boat a few years ago, so here we go. I'm currently running a stainless quicksilver prob. I can't see any numbers to identify it other than 23, so I assume it's a 23 pitch. At WOT it spins up to 5400 rpm (approx. 50mph - gps). I checked the tach. to be sure it's set to 6cyl (it is).

I've heard that a Turbo 1 14 1/4 x 23 is a great prop. for the 4.3 16 ft. donzi. Any input? I'm not only trying to lower the rpm's but would love to cut back on porpoising (especially with a few people in the boat between 20-30 mph) and torque steer. The boat does not currently have tabs. I would like to address the prop first. Believe it or not, top speed isn't the priority. I'm using it more of a family cruise/tow boat. Stability and hole shot are the ultimate goal. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!