View Full Version : problem shifting

07-08-2010, 09:23 PM
Hi I have a 21 Donzi Regazza with a 4.3 omc i/o. I let the boat sit for about 4 years and took it out today and got it running. Everything is in good working order exept the shifting. I did alot of reading and thought it would be the shifter cable, so I pulled the outdrive and with the drive off it shifts perfect. The shift mechanism in the drive was very stiff. I used fine emery cloth on the rod and alot of WD40 and can just about move the mechanism by hand. Does anybody know how easy it is supposed to move? Thanks.

07-08-2010, 10:02 PM
Drop the lower unit you will see where the shift rod goes into the lower, screw the shift rod out and remove the 6 bolts holding the cover down. Where the rod goes through the cover there is a bushing and an Oring, the Oring usually is the culprit, use a fine pick to dislodge it clean the shaft and replace the Oring. Use some oil and gently screw the rod down through the Oring, place the gasket extend the rod so you can easily screw it back into the shift converter. Once the rod is screwed back in place slide the cover down, use a little non hardening gasket compound on both sides of the gasket. I save the compound for last makes for less mess.