View Full Version : need info on volvo prop choise

06-21-2010, 03:22 PM
Had a major gear failure gear failure in my E series lower unit.Lools like finding parts is going to be hard.I am going to put a standard AQ 1:61 lower unit on the boat.the boat is a barrel back 18 2+3 has a small block chevy approx 375 HP. I ran a 14.5 + 23 RE mazco left hand thru a 1:45 ratio with the E drive. The best it did was 73 mph at 5200 rpm.The question is what props are available for the standard lower unit.Any information would be appricated!If you guys dont know nobody will!! Thanks

06-21-2010, 08:08 PM
Contact big grizzly on this site. he helped with the design of solas props for the volov drives. They are modern stainless props designed for the older volvo units. I run a solas 21 on my x-18 with 280 drive, but have stock power. There are a few on this site running the solas 23 with power like you have that are up in the mid 70's. Big Griz can set you up with some props to test and can sell you wht works the best.