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Moody Blu'
06-18-2010, 08:44 PM
Well, It's hard even to write this. The state of affairs for me right now is not looking to well and I need to get rid of some toys. depending on what I am offered this may go. Harbormaster, I now this is the performance section if you want to move it to classified, go ahead. I know not all the folks check feelers in the for sale section, and know most of my buds surf this section...

this boat was used as black mail against me at one point not to far in the past and i finally got it back.

This boat went through a partial restoration and I got hung up on the gas tank and oil pan.(yea I know been whining for years about it)

I have a brand new aluminum gas tank and sender ready to be installed.
A kevko 12 quart race oil pan with windage tray and 4 gates.
A spare volvo 275 drive and gimbal with HYD trim and tilt(was going to swap the 250 out for trim and tilt)

the boat has a ford 351w motor with custom ground lunati cam shaft, edelbrock performer rpm intake manifold, edelbrock marine 750 cfm carb, MSD distributor, MSD 6t race ignition, MSD rev limiter(6k chip), Accel coil, relocated oil filter, fuel/water separator, Volvo 250 drive, LH bronze 24 1/2 P prop(custom), a 25p RH Volvo ultra prop, For motor-sport valve covers. engine has a little over 100 hours on it and never missed a beat or had the rpms go over 5800 with new prop it was at about 5600

This engine also has a custom set of ONE OFF stainless water cooled headers with 3" inner diam and 4" outer diam, they were redesigned by me and the builder who works out of Australia. They netted a 2mph gain and a very throaty and healthy sound. also has 4" tail pipes with integrated flappers.

This boat also has a brand new built rite interior and carpet.

oldschool merc low water pick up with screen works amazing
crank mounted jabsco water pump
Gaffrig 2 gauges
bilge pump
22' donzi classic tandem axle trailer with winch and two spare tires( i moved the tongue to fit the 18') very easy to load and unload the boat. takes me 5 minutes to load unload the boat.

Sadly the bottom is painted but can be taken off. I took the bottom paint off a couple years ago and had it down to bare gelcoat, it has 2 costs of petit trinidad src on it now. if you take the bottom paint off and use peel away it will be good to go! Along with 4-6 mph

the edge rails that go around the boat have been taken off for prep for tank resto and need new ones once tank and oil pan are installed.

I was going to take out all the old wiring in the boat and rewire everything once the deck was off. I would reccommend this if someone takes it off my hands. there is probably a good 20-40 pounds of wire on the boat. I ran all new wire for gauges, ignition, etc. there not neat because I dont have the deck off. all of those new wires would be thrown out for a ncie neat wiring job with the deck off.

I intentionally have not polished or compounded the boat for a couple years to keep the gel coat from getting thinner even when the boat was in use I did not polish or compound it. I had planned on fixing a crack on the rear starboard side, compounding, putting new pin striping, putting on the new ORIGINAL donzi decals (which I have), then waxing the entire boat once the resto was finished.

I had issues with the gas tank pick up clogging up at 1/4 tank I dealt with that then when the oil pan started to leak, game was over and its been sitting ever since.

to restore this boat, you would need to fix the rear crack on the starboard side, install the new gas tank, sand blast the engine block and repaint it, install the new oil pan, paint the interior hull, get new edge rails, re wire it, compound it, buff it, apply new decals(which I have the ORIGINAL ONES FOR IT), put in a new starter and alternator just to be safe, re chrome the MORSE throttle and steering controls

and you always have the option of installing the 275T drive for trim and tilt.

Im not really sure I would sell this after writing this. I have poured my heart and soul into this boat and if you search the forum I was a rookie on here that gained a fair amount of respect form the old timers and I miss it. however my motivation is numb and I have bigger problems to deal with like a mortgage and foreclosure.

Unless someone would be willing to help me change the tank and oil pan to get her back to life I would rather pass it on to someone who will give her a good home and continue the process of resto on it.

I know one thing everytime I went out on this boat I felt tranquility. even when the gas pick up would get clogged. this boat always ran strong and always got me back home its such a simple boat and easy to work on.

SO if someone wants to buy it, im open to offers, if someone wants tohelp me with the deck off im open for help.

Im pretty darn broke but have a huge place to work on the boat and with all these spare parts and spare time on my hands since work is slow im open for anything.


You can see more photos here