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12-28-2009, 09:15 AM


12-30-2009, 03:02 PM
God this is depressing.

I'm not even 40, and I've never used any of the 'social networking' stuff. No twitter, facebook, whatever.

I just don't see any appeal in it. I don't have any friends that I either want or need to know what they are doing every second of every day.

I'm sure there is more to it than that. But it just doesn't register for me.

Heck, I hate to even text. I do it, but I'd much rather call or email. Much easier to pass accurate information in an email than a 256 character (misspelled) text.

I'm doomed! :shocking:

Seriously - somebody tell me what I could/would do with a facebook or twitter account?

12-30-2009, 07:32 PM
I'm 37 and use social networking, I don't use it like my oldest daughter does, to see what her friends are doing each moment of the day, I use facebook, I have been put back in touch with friends I went to high school with....Donzi.net is a form of social networking,,how often do you check the forums once a day, once a week, if you are keeping tabs on this forum every other day I would venture to say that you are using social networking (just to see if you can lend a hand on a problem someone has, maybe you have dealt with before) in a way. We (I) use the web for just about everything. I need info on how to fix a starter on a 454 on a Donzi, I do a search on Google and find donzi.net, which is one of the most helpful social networks I have EVER been a member of. just my thoughts on social networking.

Thanks Donzi.net members

12-31-2009, 12:05 AM
Interesting stuff. Don, I'm with you in a lot of ways. Jessie too.

Donzi.net is social networking in one form, for sure.

Those crazy kids do a lot of this stuff first, but it grows. When the web got started, a lot of people used it to get laid or surf p0rn. But a lot has come along since. I suspect this is the typical lifecycle, and other forms of social networking simply follow the same path of maturation.

I don't do Facebook, but I will say that it is THE way most of the world is reconnecting with old friends. I see some real good there. For a while, no one over 25 ever even heard of it. Now, I bet there is far more growth of people in the 35-100 range than below, but that's just a supposition. It's exploding amongst those who are reconnecting with high school friends after 10+ years.

Twitter is interesting. (I'm not a big twitter user, though I have an account. I set it up so I could follow a championship lacrosse game during AOTH, believe it or not. Have never used it since, never. And yet, a bunch of people are following me, which makes sense in a way but seems hilarious too. I think about once every 6 months I should just enter "peep" and be done with it. String my following along. :))

Twitter got mis-explained early in my view. Most people heard about it, heard it poorly described, and thought it weird. The "I am sitting on the patio" commercial from Verizon did the best job ever of mocking the nonsense use of Twitter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14CKzskjn4s)

That said, I think like many things, it has a purpose and may grow organically in types of uses as well. The big thing I see about twitter is that it allows self-registered real-time channels of info. In the same way that you subscribe to real time updates from various web sites or other information channels, Twitter allows you to connect this way to INDIVIDUALS who have no infrastructure like those web sites. So, you can now subscribe to channels from PEOPLE, not big entitites with sites. Likewise, you can become a channel with a following. And the subscriptions are SELF-registering, self-managed. Which is key.

Pehaps an analogy would be the leap from HAM radio to cell phones. What HAM did for wireless voice communication, Twiter could do for self-registered real-time data subscription. No more high costs to play, and thus ANYONE can play. The numbers and uses should be expected to skyrocket accordingly.

So, while the "I am sitting on the patio" example is hilarious and I love it, it reinforces a lack of understanding of the power and real application of Twitter in my view.




12-31-2009, 12:14 AM
I suppose I should say I've never followed any of the 'traditional' (now there's an interesting concept) forms of social networking.

I do get the idea about things like this site. I've certainly used it often over the last few years. I've done the same with Alfa Romeo and Triumph sites in the past.

And I have a small group of friends around the country I 'talk' with regularly via email, so I suppose that could be converted to twitter or the like. I admit I'm the oldest one of the group - maybe they already have it all dialed in and I just don't know it :wink:

Still, makes me feel old...