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01-31-2009, 02:50 PM
okay, i'm spending all damm day updating my company webpage, what a pain for a novice... i'm revamping everything...

i'm having an issue trying to get google earth to load for my location find link?

any guru help here?

02-01-2009, 10:30 AM
Are you trying to reference a link with code so that you have a link on your page, or are you trying to embed a pic & specific area all with a picture & a link?

If you need to know some code to do this here is an example:

<P> <A href="http://www.weather.gov/om/marine/marine_map.htm"><IMG
align=baseline border=0></A></P>
src="http://www.your site.com/your image folder referencing the image used for link/the image abd extension.gif"> </P>

that example is to refence NOAA from my main pages side column..

If you are trying to just do a link name then :

http:// what site location you are referencing . com

Hopefully this helps. Just remove the spaces from the code. I had to add them so it would show here.. ;) Jamie

02-01-2009, 10:49 AM
Google Earth uses their own file spec which is similar to XML.

Check out their documentation (http://code.google.com/apis/kml/documentation/).

Da Taz