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12-04-2008, 10:25 PM
Decided to put the Chrysler 360ci back together after almost 2 years.
http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/9282/87278952rp7.jpg (http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/9282/87278952rp7.jpg)

After spinning a bearing I gave up on it (almost). I did pack it away and even moved it from one house to another last fall. Well after an unexpected vacation this fall I needed something to do.
Not a BB monster but should be good for 300hp.:wink:

http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/6424/93428987vn9.jpg (http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/6424/93428987vn9.jpg)

You can see from start to finish here;

and here

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what is it for?

12-05-2008, 11:16 PM
Itís kind of a interesting story if you got a minute.
I wasnít really building the motor for a boat. It was the motor that was in my SuperNova. After 6 years of building it, blowing it up for many different reasons. Bad timing chain cover pumped the motor full of sea water at WOT, old set of Stainless Marine manifolds hydro locked it twice, broke a head or two, valves, push rods, donít ask and the last time was two spun bearings after rebuilding it 35 days earlier. It was just after the bad timing chain thing. I still remember the conversation I had with machinist when I had the crank turned. ďWe can fix it, wiped out bearings you see all the time but you never see a spun bearing.Ē I wish I would have taken he motor apart when it happened and took the crank up there and hit him in the face with it. According to the shop I bought the new crank from (well known in these parts) there was something wrong with the geometry of the lobe that spun. ďJust a simple mistake that kills motors, must have thought they were doing a Chevy crank..Ē What it meant, got no clue. Iím just a backyardíer. But it was two years later and there was nothing I could do about it now even though the motor had about 5 hours on it when it happened.
So after I get it back together the first time with every penny and spare minute I have in 33 days just to enjoy the last month of fall boating everything is great until the last couple hundred yards of the last ride of the season. A slight whine at WOT for about 5 seconds and as I pull back on the throttle bang, Bang, BANG, BANG, BANGÖÖÖ. It took about 3 seconds to decide that before the Nova would hit the water again it would have a BB Chevy in it. I was really tired of starting or ending seasons this way.
The next spring came and the Mopar came out and the Chevy BB I built over the winter went in.
From there I took the top end of the mopar apart looking for a broken piston or something but gave up and spray lubed and trash bagged it for a year or so. Last fall we moved and it came along in three piles and thatís the way itís been sitting for another year. Then I got ďlet goĒ from my job this fall (they said I could come in but they didnít have any money to pay me) and in my off time I decided to do something about a ton of extra parts that I would never use that were laying around. Time to sell them off and for a minute or two I even thought of parting the motor out. But then I thought I put about everything money could buy in this motor. It should be on the cover of Jegís, Summit or Northern Auto Parts catalogs for all the parts Iíve bought and re-bought form them. Selling it off in parts would be a shame let alone the money that would be lost. The stupid bell housing alone for a Volvo 8 years ago was 800.00 I would never see that in parts.
I needed a project anyway. So I tore the motor down and bought what was needed and put it back together over the next few weeks. Strange enough itís the same few weeks that I rebuilt it the last time, 2 years earlier. As I start getting things done I start thinking I cant sell this motor. Some kid will come buy it, toss the unique marine stuff in the trash and just like the last bad ass 351winsor I had in a boat, a nice hot rod motor will end up pushing a tow truck around for the next 15 years.
So now I start thinking, I need a boat to put it in to get what really what the motor is worth. I knew where a boat was that it would perfect it. It doesnít have a motor, has a Volvo drive, needs lotís of work. It was almost fate and I passed it picking up the crank. I stop on the way home from the shop and ask after 5 years of looking at it, how much for the boat? He says $500.00
Now remember the sale I was having? I just sold that day a trim tabs set up for $450.00 from that sale. So I bought the boat for the motor. And now Iím trying to restore this 1973 19í Monza with the parts that I do have or money I make from the Garage Sale of parts. I have also reserved that I may have to put in $1000.00 in cash myself but I think when Iím done I will have one bad ass thousand dollar boat with apparently a pretty big reputation around here.
One last thing. I brought the Monza and the Nova home the same day, down to a couple hours, 8 years later. There is some strange karma going on here.
You can follow along as I go. http://www.supernova19.com/forumcw/index.php?topic=759.0