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09-08-2008, 03:42 PM
Just got the Z33 in the water, I will upload a video clip is of two fresh 502HP/502's. Thanks to Scot V. for helping equip the boat with great X drives and transom assemblies.

Still have much work to do, interior, instrumentation, seats etc.

09-08-2008, 05:28 PM
Very Nice....

09-08-2008, 05:41 PM
hey really nice! any performance numbers?

The Hedgehog
09-08-2008, 07:03 PM
Looks like it will be a bunch of fun. I see you did the oil drain tubes. Good choice.

09-08-2008, 08:58 PM
I like the 3rd pic,,,$300,$400,$500

09-09-2008, 10:07 AM
Thanks for the feedback! The 3rd picture was a $620.00 trip, I drained all of the old fuel (100 gallons) out of the tank prior to putting fresh 91 octane in the tank.

You can see, I am using demo props, 22 pitch 4 blade. At 5200 RPM, with the out drives trimmed up about 1/2, I reached 70 MPH (non GPS) on the speedo pretty quick. It was kinda rough, the engines have 6.5 Hours on them so I took it back down pretty quickly. I am going to try 24 pitch props once I break in the engines.

I don't know if anyone remembers this boat, it was advertised on this site back in the April timeframe, I have redone the transom, stringers, new engines, lines, rigging, outdrives, transom assemblies, windsheild etc. Mechanically the boat runs great, I plan on having the interior done over the winter after I winterize the boat. I have the boat at the lake of the ozarks, on my first couple of outings, I received quite a bit of positive feedback, including some enthusiastic waves from a couple of blonde lake mermaids sunning themselves on a dock near my property.

Was it the boat, Or just the old guy driving it!:wink:

09-09-2008, 10:27 AM
Was it the boat, Or just the old guy driving it!:wink:

We've all been there... Hate to say it, but it's the boat!! :propeller:

09-09-2008, 07:09 PM
Lookin Good Russ! The blue loaner props are a nice touch!!!


The Hedgehog
09-10-2008, 06:58 PM
Cool project.

WE NEED PICS!:smash:

09-21-2008, 12:52 PM
That looks like an '88 or '89. Had an '87 and stern and transom was quite different. Looks like my '88 which was orig. teal as well. Now yellow.

09-21-2008, 02:56 PM
pic #2 - :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

09-22-2008, 10:00 AM
Took the boat out this weekend, non GPS, outdrives trimmed up, 22 pitch props, 1/4 tank of fuel, calm water, I have the engines loosend up a bit, thee boat ran 5800 RPM, 74 MPH (non GPS). I am going to get new instrumentation, with a GPS and see how true the speedo is (it goes to 75 MPH). The engines have much torque and the speed climbs really quick. My buddy drove the boat and all he could do was laugh at how quick it gets up on plane and how quickly the speedo runs up.

I am going to try some 24 pitch loaner props and see how the boat performs prior to buying my props. My mechanic tells me that I should lose around 500 RPMs with the pitch increase. The crate engine was purchased from GM performance parts, the top range for the max torque is 5250. I guess I will see soon what the performance is after replacing the props.

This week is race week at the lake of the ozarks, should be fun! The offshore boats are coming and are racing on the main channel. I will be sure and bring plenty of beads!!!!!!

I am attaching some pics from this weekend.

The boat is an 87 ( I have the title ) and all of the paperwork.


The Hedgehog
09-23-2008, 10:34 AM
Nice looking install.

Which cam are you running?

33 Donzi
10-17-2008, 06:16 PM
1988 Z-33 with twin 509c.i. 615 hp motors, shorty spotmaster drives, with herring 5 blade 29 pitch props. compete re-do............fast and loud.

The Hedgehog
10-18-2008, 11:49 AM
1988 Z-33 with twin 509c.i. 615 hp motors, shorty spotmaster drives, with herring 5 blade 29 pitch props. compete re-do............fast and loud.

That is bad ass. It looks like you put red accents on the inside of those belt pulleys. That looks cool. Are you happy with that? I may have to borrow that idea for my ZX.

10-29-2008, 11:13 AM
That is one nice looking Z-33. What is the speed?

33 Donzi
10-30-2008, 09:50 AM
It will run in the upper 80's on GPS, in fresh water :wink::wink:

I keep it and run it out on lake St. Clair, Detroit Michigan.

Here are a few RUNNNNNIN Pix.

11-23-2008, 05:58 PM
Ho Lee Schnikees, is she BEAUTIFUL!!!

I would love to talk to you about dry-rot repairs. I have bulkhead and stringer issues.

(704) 421-2222

03-08-2009, 01:09 AM
Its funny to see all those bare aluminum intakes and polished aluminum pullies. Down where we boat those would go to hell in a handbasket in no time!! Don't get me wrong it does look nice. Russ I like your boat.