View Full Version : A Rave for PC Linux OS 2007

Formula Jr
05-25-2008, 01:55 AM
I've done most of the Linux distros, this one is something extra-ordinary and the one we have settled on for install on refurbished computers at work. This is a complete replacement for XP- or as close as you can get.. And its free. It makes my 1.6 Ghz machine run so fast I don't even know how to use it yet. It is so fast now, and I was so use to windows, that a process can complete faster than I can understand that it did any thing.

It recognizes any modem with a controller chip right off the bat. No screwing around finding what port or anything. And on broadband it is even easier to set it up.

This OS is a work of ART.

If you have an old Sub 1 Ghz, PC sitting around not doing anything cause you don't wish to buy a expensive OS for it, try this. You may be surprised. It needs 256 ram or better to work well.

I'm not easily impressed with operating systems. This one is a bit different. This is the first Linux in my experience that delivers a real alternative to MS Win. and Apple's X.

Under Synaptic, the repository of programs to d-load, there were a few things I wanted out side of that world. This is the big bug-a-boo about Linux, that adding stuff out side of the repository can be difficult. It isn't PcLinuxOs 2007 can handle any RPM package that I've wanted. Its just a little harder than an install in XP or Vista.

You have to place the RPM (Redhat Package Manager file) in the Root Folder, then you have to open a root user line command terminal and type "rpm -iv ( and the name of the program in the root folder) and let it run. This will install any RPM out side of the repository if its a pclos build. The file name will tell you that it is a pclos build.

It harkens back to the old DOS days on this. But it does work.