View Full Version : Slingbox - very cool.

01-23-2007, 08:18 PM
Let's blow a little dust off this section :wink:

This is a pretty cool thing to have. http://us.slingmedia.com/page/home

Basically, it hooks up to your cable or satellite box at home. You need to have a high speed connection. What you can do, is watch your TV anywhere in the world on any computer that has a high speed connection. Only fee is the price for the box. My dad has the slingbox AV (got it for christmas), which you can pick up for around $170. He loves it.

I love it too.......I loaded the viewing software on my laptop, and can watch his TV from wherever i want. It'll be real nice come baseball season. I'll be able to get the Mets games down here in Florida.