View Full Version : M4P to MP3 conversion and Win 98

Formula Jr
07-11-2006, 07:16 AM
Can any anyone recommend a good shareware or freeware program for Win 98 that will convert M4P - iTunes' audio files to MP3? This propriatory file stuff is beginning to annoy me. I bought a damn itune card thinking it was going to give me MP3s!!!!! Also has anyone used Grabber and used it for analog to digital recording. ie, Cassette tapes to Wav files and what PC sound board did you use. For those with System X, don't update your iTunes program to Version 6. It will not do the automatic import conversions like it use to. I just love being fooled in to an update that does less than the old one did.

09-14-2006, 09:31 PM
1. Download hymn http://www.hymn-project.org/ To make the instructions as simple as possible download hymn and unzip it to the C:\hymn directory. Hymn is a command line tool for windows that is pretty easy to use. There is a GUI available for the MAC.

2. Copy the mp4 files you want to convert to C:\hymn (if you understand windows you can just add c:\hymn to your path, if not don't worry and continue).
open a MS dos command prompt window start>>accessories>>command prompt

3. Run hymn on each of the files you are converting
C:/> cd hymn
C:/> hymn thenameofthefileiwantoconvert.m4p

You will need to do this for every file you want to convert or put multiple files in the command line

C:/> hymn filetoconvert1.m4p filetoconvert1.m4p

The m4a files will be created in the same directory. You can use the hymn command line options if you want to send them to another directory.

You are now ready to convert the m4a files to mp3 files. In order to do this you will need a converter. I use the dpPowerAmp converter.

4. Download dbPowerAMP
http://www.dbpoweramp.com you will also need to the m4p codec

5. Download m4p codec (download the decoder)

6. From there you can just highlight the m4a files in windows explorer. Right click with the mouse and select the "Convert To" option. Choose the quality and the folder you want to store the mp3's in and click "Convert".

The end product is a mp3 file that you can play anywhere. It is a bit of extra work, but you could possibly automate the process further. It is worth noting that the m4a file still has the original purchasers information in the file. Do not pass these files around to your friends. If they end up on the internet you could be prosecuted for piracy.