View Full Version : Uneven water discharge

Barry Phillips
06-20-2006, 08:29 PM
I have been having a alarm sound off when I run my 496Mag in optimal conditions which allow the motor to make full power, cool temps, choppy conditions etc. My drive is a dual pick-up Bravo 1. The alarm only cancels when the key is turned off and the motor turned back on. I am running 160 degrees on temputure gauge and the under hatch temps are not hot. No problems were revealed on the scan tool. A Mec. rep suggested that low water pressure could be triggering the horn. This past weekend while at the Donzi Dustoff at LG, Scott noticed that the passenger side exhaust tip was not discharging as much water as the helm side. Again the motor was running normal on the gauge, although the helm side tip seemed a little warmer. The motor ran at rock solid 155 degrees even 90-degree temperatures. After the event I ran the boat over to marina and the mechanic who normally works on it. He checked the heat coming off the risers and the exhaust manifolds with a temputure scan tool. The helm side was 11 degrees warmer although well within specs. The mechanic suggested doing another diagnostic on the motor, but did not think it was urgent. He also suggested that uneven water discharge was not uncommon with Corsa Quick and Quite systems. When I was cleaning the boat I checked the tips behind the flaps, the side discharging water was clean but the problem side was sooty. Dose anyone have any suggestions? Could the horn and the uneven discharge be related?


06-20-2006, 09:24 PM
I would suspect some debris in that riser.