View Full Version : Stringers glassed In & Ready for the Dust Off

06-07-2006, 10:18 PM
Never did anything like this before, so thought I'd show some shots of the project. Pulled the engine, stern drive and transom assembly. The engine removal and reinstall was way easier than I ever thought it could be. We put the trailer wheels on rollers so we could move the boat back and forth under the hoist, pulled the engine with manifolds and risers still on. A bit of a tight fit, but not bad. Then I glassed in the cut outs on the stringers (they were solid). I used e glass, used by surf board makers. It is a fine weave glass that folded nicely over the edges of the stringers. After cleaning out a tiny bit of soft wood from the motor mount bolt holes I filled the holes with resin and micro ballons so I could redrill new fresh holes. Then painted the bilge, replaced the bilge pump with one with an auto feature, painted the transom assembly and the stern drive. Then I even got it all put back together (had to chase down a couple wiring gremlins). I used alot of info from the registry, thanks everyone. Here's a couple before and after shots, and one of next winters project (the 280T transom assembly needed some more parts, needed to test the trim pump, etc and didn't think I'd see the water by the Dust-Off). Now just need to finish compounding the sides and deck, need my new Bilt-rite carpet, and need to get the throttle linkage adjusted, then.......and my wife thought we bought this just to drive......