View Full Version : DonziPhoneBook Version 1 is ready...

01-09-2006, 04:59 PM
I have finalized all of the features for Version 1 and it is available at http://www.donziphonebook.com. The data structure will not change until the next major release and by then I will have an updater written to save your data while making the necessary changes to structures etc. So you can add all of your contacts without worries of loosing them in the future.
I wrote a "quick" help file that is included and when I get more time I will make it nicer and more comprehensive.
So go get it, play with it, send in your feedback and have fun.
NOTE: If you had installed a previous beta version, use Windows uninstall before installing the new one.
Da Taz<<<---:puke: ON help file documantations