View Full Version : Mac OS X Intel hacked to run on standard PCs

08-11-2005, 06:23 PM
For you Mac users.

I'll give this a try when the final release is out. The Mac OS is really cool. Our graphic artist uses a new Dual G5 and that machine is awesome !!

At least one user has managed to hack Apple's Mac OS X for Intel authentication scheme, which was design to prevent users from running Mac OS X Intel on non-Mactels. MacBidouille reports that the Apple Developer kit version of Mac OS X x86, released to developers in early June, has been "hacked" to work with a PC notebook. The report includes a video showing Mac OS X x86 booting natively on a Pentium M 735-based notebook. In recent weeks, several reports have surfaced noting that Apple has tried to use a special authentication scheme using a special TPM chip (Trusted Platform Module) to prevent Mac OS X from running on third-party computers. The report noted that users were able to install other operating systems such as Windows and Linux on Intel-based Macs, but that it was not possible to install from the DVD containing the Intel-based Mac OS X on similar x86-based PCs (i.e., systems that lacked a TPM).