View Full Version : Blue beast in progress

03-30-2005, 12:07 AM
The experiment in progress, first shot the 300 Tempest that came out. Sold it to Maddad for his 18, still sorry I did that but he will be happy. The other shots from when the 383 was going together, it is a full Lunati Pro Series 6" stroker, Dart 76cc heads with 200 runners setup for 600 lift. Compression as it stands is 9.135 with the current gasket. Cam I found out is on the mild side, 510 lift, Harland Sharp rockers, Muldon windage tray, Vince's fancy German timing set. Spoke with Comp tech named Mark about the cam he says a ton of torque fair HP but runs out of snot about 4,800. It was designed for high load apps, will have to see how it runs the cam may be a visitor. The block and rotating assy is way over built for the job, it has the best crank, rods and pistons that Lunati made. I found it part way assembled up in Mass, the Fountain/Ski Nautic dealer was starting to build a what he said was a very hot ski boat. Well not so hot for a Donzi, but anyway bought and lugged it home, Not having a place to work these days I entrusted it to one of the very few that can lay hands on anything I own. He has been a machinist for about 40 years and has built most of the competitive cars at both the strip and circle tracks locally. He stripped it back down fine toothed all the prior machine work, found one deck off .003 other then that perfect. I have about 5K in the setup which is good, if I had to buy it all new it would have run 7K less most accessories. Vince the Machinist say it would make a great blower motor with just a cam and piston change, not for this old fart. It is in the boat now but still does not have any goodies bolted up yet, been raining so that is going slow. When done and finally running between drive, gimble and god knows what else it will end up more then its worth close about 15K invested but that is what these projects are and where they go.

Edit: The above did not include the used suburban, new trailer and new full cover another 15K! Come to think of it my 16 was a real jewel!