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Team Jefe
02-23-2004, 07:55 AM
Well hopefully the worst of the winter is behind use, at least those of us below the Mason-Dixon. And with Jefe's Revenge about 2 weeks away from being seaworthy again. I thought is was time to really start to get this Fishing Files Forum going.

So, let's here all your fishing reports, see photos, tackle choices, lures, baits, riggings, tips, ideas, GPS numbers (well, you can just PM those to me :biggrin: )

To get things going, let's take a look back at last year. Me and The Revenge had a pretty good season. So, here is a revist to last year's Houma Oilmen's Rodeo.

Houma Oilmen’s Fishing Rodeo – Report

Those of you in the patch may be familiar with the Rodeo. It is typical of Oil field activities whose main purpose is to get the salesmen around the customers. And this year was no exception. Bigger than ever. More door prizes (including 2 nice bay boats and a 100th anniversary Harley). Free food, beer, margaritas, and stuff at several booths, it was a hoot…..oh yeah and we fished a little, 4 days in a row.

Tuesday May 20th - Travel day
I had Jefe’s Revenge ready and pulled out at 0600 that morning “East bound and down”, got up on I-10 and set the cruise control on 70 mph, at 1900 rpm’s on the 7.3 liter Power Stroke. Got into Houma at noon, hooked up with Mr. Dan Franz, did some last minute stuff and headed for Cocodrie. Got the Revenge wet about 1500, settled into our deluxe presidential suite at the Point Cocodrie Inn and had a fine supper of Soft-shell Crab, seafood gumbo, and Miss Naomi’s Bread Pudding.

Wednesday May 21st – Scouting Day I
Bennie “Ray-Man” Savois ambled in during supper on Tuesday, and was with Dan and me on this morning’s trip. Bennie is the Louisiana Sate Record Holder for Sting Ray, hence “Ray-Man” and yes he gets lots of grief for that (even in LA.). NW wind was killing us, the water was ugly so we stayed inside and fished Whiskey pass. Hammered the trout pretty hard, we put 75 in the boat. The Revenge performed flawlessly, and we got to jack with Bennie all day (he takes it very well, especially from Dan). Another great supper from Miss Naomi (she gives Bennie more grief than anyone), and we turned in about 2100.

Thursday May 22nd – Scout Day II (guided)
This was a rare treat for me; we had one of the guide boats today, so all I had to do was fish. Capt Chip Seeber was at the helm, top shelf and senior captain of the Point Cocodrie crew (Mr. Bill & Miss Naomi are his parents), Danny, Bennie and me. We had to fish hard that day, again inside; we put 86 trout in the boat and one bull-red. Good day, but very draining. The tournament tent was opened at noon and we headed over there after our showers to visit with folks, and get some free food. No door prize for Jefe, but we did get a nice framed “Guy Harvey Style” Print.

Friday May 23rd – Rodeo Day I
Back on the Revenge, I had Bennie, Mr. Jack McIntyre, and Jimmy Show onboard. Jack in one of my favorite people in the world and a dream to have on the crew. He made gourmet (I’m serious) lunches for everyone, and is the best deckhand I’ve had on the boat. Fishing was very hard today, the wind was up, the water was ugly and we had to travel far and wide looking for fish. Finally got 54 trout and 2 reds on the boat. The guides Chip, his brother Joey, Colby, and Ryan held out on me today. We had been fishing with croakers, and I was today as well. Well, they switched to shrimp and all limited out on trout. I guess they couldn't tell me all their secrets. Still, all in all a good day. And we hung out at the tent that night free food and again NO door prizes for me.

Saturday May 24th – Rodeo Day II
Finally, Finally, Finally. The winds shifted to the SE and we headed offshore in the Revenge. Again, Jack, Bennie, Jimmy & Me. We could have been on Walden Pond, the water was like glass. We were headed out at 38 knot on the GPS. Made South Timbalier 295 in 1 hour and 20 minutes (58 nautical miles from Point Cocodrie). The water was crystal clear and perfect. We had caught about a dozen hard-tails on the way, and I hooked one on a modified Carolina Rig with an 8 oz. sinker and headed for the bottom. About halfway down, I got slammed. Set the drag to strike and bent the rod over, still taking line, I slammed the drag all the way forward, and slowed him down, but never stopped him. When he got back to the rig, he broke the line. Well the Amberjack are here. This same strike, set, drag, break-off happened four times in a row. Then we finally got one to the boat, 44lbs, 1oz (we later found out). Then we got 3 more 36, 32, 28 lbs and 2 Jack Crevalle over 26 lbs. We kept those for Bennie to weight in the trash fish category (his favorite as you can imagine). We headed in about 1330 and had a nice ride back. I got to try out my new beanbags and slept in the back of the boat on one for about 45 minutes as Jack piloted the boat back to Point Cocodrie. Everyone should have beanbags on their boats. Again back to the tent, Good Food, NO Door prizes for Me, NO Harley, and NO bay boat. Oh well.

Sunday May 25th – Travel Day
The reverse of Tuesday, “West bound and down”. I had good news & bad. Good news is I got to see Dan’s Lady Miss Caroline. You talk about a sweetheart, I love her to death. The bad news is I blew out a tire, right front. Got it changed after some trouble, but made it home OK.

A really good trip. Jefe’s Revenge performed well, I brought a lot of fish home and we all had a great time. I always do good fishin’ in Louisiana.

Texas Oilmen’s Rodeo is up next this weekend in Matagorda.

Tight Lines

Fish boy
02-23-2004, 09:23 AM
Good idea Jeff on the tackle and other stuff. Here is a tip that a few local guys have been keeping a secret (guess I am letting the cat out of th bag so to speak).

When fishing flats for reds, trout, snook, we use something colloquilly called a "chum chucker". Get a sturdy rod (mop handle will do, but the bottom half of a sturdy rod is better) about 4 ft long. Take a 1 litre plastic bottle and cut the bottom off of it so you now have a rather long funnel. Attach the spout end to the tip of the rod. Best to use a bunch of tape on the rod tip first to make a flush fit with the spout end.

After netting several hundred white bait, go to where the fish are. after casting your baits, use a dip net to get 5-6 live white baits. WHile still in the net, lightly squeeze the net with the bait in it to stun them. Place the stunned baits in the open end of the bottle. use the chum chucker to fling the stunned baits in the vicinity of where you just cast your hooked bait. This will cause a frenzy around your bait of stunned white bait and make even sluggish fish come to eat.


Team Jefe
02-23-2004, 12:00 PM
Nice tip, it will be used

02-23-2004, 06:15 PM
You can have my numbers too. My GPS was last seen in the working lot of Twin Disc of Tampa. :mad: You can also have the stereo, the speakers, the Vhf, four life jackets and various other things that were last seen there.

Fish boy
02-24-2004, 07:49 AM
Does it make any sense to make seperate threads for GPS #'s(or lost and found), tackle tips, etc? Judging by the response so far, probably not, just thinking towards the future.


Team Jefe
02-25-2004, 06:58 PM
Yes, Jody I agree that each tip, etc. should be a different post that way can keep track of them better. I'm going to move you tip to a new post.