View Full Version : he he he, yeah baby!

01-26-2004, 10:43 PM
400 lbs. 8 foot long

01-26-2004, 10:45 PM
for around 30 min.

01-27-2004, 08:03 PM
Did you get that in Detroit? :D :D :D :D

01-27-2004, 08:05 PM
cordova, alaska

01-28-2004, 09:14 AM
very impressive!:)

Fish boy
01-28-2004, 10:40 AM
Did you shoot it in the belly with a paintball gun or use a rod and reel? LOL

Just kidding Goatee, that is one helluva feeesh- bet you could fit a sweet 16 in its belly.


01-28-2004, 12:27 PM
we had no hydraulics, no pulleys, no nothin. just a gaff and 4 guys with forearms. so we were pretty exited to hear over the radio someone near by wanted to check it out. they hoisted it, weighed it, did a half ass disection on it, and were filming the whole thing???? hmmm. found out later it was the canadian discovery channel who had booked the charter, and they interview me. so i'm on tv somewhere, or maybe not idunno. just found that guys card the other day too, should call him. episode called "the great white north" for any canadians who were wondering.
orange/red on shark body was from when we got her to the surface,, she was pissed!!!! run into our boat a few times. smacked it with her tail a couple more. boat bottom was reddish orange..

01-28-2004, 06:05 PM
Hey Goatee!! what a catch.

I guess your the guy with the Peen Reel.

Question what penn is that you used?? is that a 50lbs.


01-28-2004, 10:41 PM
100 lbs test line.