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12-12-2000, 08:38 AM
I am considering the purchase of a 1996
classic 16' with 80 hours in excellent
condition with trailer. Has several options,
true hull exhaust, mercruiser alpha Gen+ I/O
and cover. Since this is my first purchase
of a Donzi that I have always wanted since
1968, what should I be looking for that
my clouded thinking my be missing. The Donzi
is from a boat dealer and I can close the
deal after a test ride for $12,000.

12-12-2000, 12:18 PM
I had this boat up until about a year ago. We have recently upgraded to a 22 with a 502.
Is this a 4.3V6 or 5.0V8? This is a good deal on a V6 and a great deal on a V8.
Being in Florida, has this boat been run in salt? If yes, has it been flushed and washed each time including the trailer?
If it is a salt water boat, is the trailer galvanized aluminum? I would ask the dealer for some sort of short term engine warranty to cover you on possible salt water engine damage in writing. Salt damage shouldn't be a problem, but it's good insurance against unseen abuse and a reputable dealer will do it to ease your mind.
One more thing. Does the boat have tabs? I used them a bunch on my 16 to keep the nose down in rough water. They sure made rough water (2-3ft seas) much more manageable. Drive the boat and see what you think. Awesome boat. My wife just drove our old one to 60+ mph this past Sunday. Good luck. Todd Somerville

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