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Bryan Tuvell
11-28-2000, 05:54 PM
This is a repost, I think I used the wrong ICON... Bear with me guys, still learning this BB...
Hi to all, I am new here and yes my boat is on the registry page. I purchased a 1999 Donzi 22ZX and have spoken with the factory and submitted the Z-care and Donzi hull warranty paper work along with both transfer fees (10 weeks ago). I have heard a few stories about Donzi not living up to their warranties and I am starting to get concerned that my checks have not been cashed yet. I spoke with the WellCraft guy (Don at Donzi) and Tony V. at Donzi, both assure me all will be fine in due time. My concern also stems from the stress cracks around the window base/holder, running off shore in the ocean appears to be hard on the boat in this area. Some tell me it is normal, some of my friends say have it repaired. Cosmetically it is a little ugly up close, but overall the boat is totally awesome.
I write this post looking for responses of people who have had good/bad/other dealings with Donzi dealing with warranty issues.
Thanks in advance.

Donzi Customer Service
11-29-2000, 06:48 AM

Please contact me at your convenience to discuss your warranty concerns and I can also update you on your z-care program.
My phone number is 800-446-6725 my ext. is 274.
Best regards,

Donnie A
Donzi Marine

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