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G - FORCE 88
03-26-2003, 09:07 AM
I dont know what to do anymore? I replaced the pump for the rams and still nothing. y rams keep on getting stuck in the all the way up position. Sometimes even half way. Goes up perfect but down it struggles and makes this rubbig rough kinda noise its weird. Just doesnt move. What should I do? Any actions? Boat stays in the ater on overnight on weekends and then out on the trailer washed flushed and dired. Please help me out with this guys.
Jon :confused: :mad: frown

03-26-2003, 10:29 AM
You probably have a problem with one or both rams being sticky. The power trim system has great force when going up, but very little force when going down. That's why the rams always stick when they are either partally or fully extended and won't go back down without "help". You can check them by bleeding out all of the oil in the rams. When the are "dry" the ram end should move easily in and out over the full length of the stroke without any binding or sticking. If they are hard to move or bind in places, most likely the aluminum bearing is corroded and the rams should be rebuilt. Don't just clean the corrosion out of the ram bearing - replace it. It's actually not that difficult or expensive of a job.

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