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05-09-2000, 01:11 PM
Other than Trader Online, are there any other sites worth going to when looking for used boats?

Steve Smith
05-09-2000, 01:59 PM
www.allaboutboats.com (http://www.allaboutboats.com) is my favorite site. It picks up ads from the Boat Trader, Soundings and the Yacht Trader and has a very nice search engine if you know the mfg of the boat you're looking for (I found my Z-25 through it a couple of years ago).

05-09-2000, 02:33 PM

No offense, but allaboutboats is a poor site in my opinion...all they offer is links to Soundings--which is actually TraderOnline and Boat and Yacht Trader online---these are all the same site...

Bottom line is, TraderOnline is the best source---OffshoreOnly.com is good and there are some regional sites depending on where you live. In the northeast, there is boats-4-sale.com which is OK, but very slow. Yachtworld.com is okay for performance boats as well. There is another that I've seen, but the name escapes me now. When I remember it, I'll post the link

05-09-2000, 02:48 PM
www.ablboats.com (http://www.ablboats.com) It's not bad either.

Francis O. Saffell
05-09-2000, 03:49 PM
http://www.fwboats.com http://www.marinepub.com (http://marinepub.com) http://www.1001boats.com http://www.marinesource.com http://www.hotboatsforsale.com

Among others.

Huge link to boat stuff. http://www.marinewaypoints.com


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